v002 Blurs 1.1 released, updated Screen Capture for VDMX 7.0

Ive updated the blurs to 1.1, and have removed some dithering / artifact-ing going on due to some implementation details of the FBO texture target type I was using.

Ive also bundled updated QC patches for VDMX effects for both the blurs, and the screen capture plugin, which should work with the new VDMX 7.0 public beta.

Here is a pretty good indication of what to expect quality wise with the Blurs 1.1. No speed differences that I have noticed.





3 comments on “v002 Blurs 1.1 released, updated Screen Capture for VDMX 7.0

  1. Thank you very much. I just started to test drive VDMX b7.0, realized that Screen Capture was going to need an update, and found you’ve already addressed it. As someone who loves the plugin and uses it on a regular basis, thanks again.

    Since your screen capture plugin was featured on CDM, I’ve been using a VDMX/Screen Capture/Corel Painter combination to create a system/process I’ve called Digital Painting, which will benefit immensely from the Open GL benefits of late b6 and b7 versions of VDMX. I’ve written an unpublished technical document, detailing how the process works, with some qualitative description of the live results from a Chicago venue in July and August (I would love to send you a copy).

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