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Ah that helped me further a bit.

I’m trying to get a full silhouette of a person standing 3 meters from the kinect. I’ve been using a cl script from Mattias Oosterik to select the depth range. This works fine with the kineme kinect patch (that outputs a different grey-scale depth image).

By routing the depth image to a 32-bit RII and using different (minus) values feeding the cl script I got it working now with the v002 kinect patch (don’t know why, but it works!)

Now a different issue occurs that I didn’t notice earlier, the kinect doesn’t seem to close properly, when stopping and starting the viewer it doesn’t output any image the second time. Quit and restart QC fixes the problem. The tilt controls seem to be available though. It crashed QC on the ML mini.

There’s a sample patch with the CL depth select if you’re interested, and an crash report and log copy from the second issue.



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