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If you send the output to the v002 Rutt Etra (3.0), in both in RGB as XYZ mode, do you get high fidelity depth in 3D?

I tested rather extensively on 10.8 and 10.7, and have no issue (in fact, working on a 3 kinect show using the software), so im not sure where this issue is coming from.

You do know that the Kinect depth from Kineme is lower bit depth, and not as accurate due to outputting an 8 bit depth image. Perhaps you are seeing that here. If you are just comparing the images visually, thats not really an accurate way of determining fidelity of the output, since the v002 Kinect outputs a floating point image, ranges in – (less than 1) and + (greater than 1), and the Kinect outputs an 8 bit depth image, 0 – 1, in 256 increments, clipped (so values above 1, get crushed to 1, and values below, clipped to 0).

What.. exactly are you trying to do?

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