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Ok, thanks – I’ll try that. I’m still pretty new to Unity. I was just trying to add more lights or turn up their intensity… didn’t think about trying to change the materials of specific objects. I also tried just using the syphon screen recorder, but that adds noticeable latency in the chain and I’m trying to work on creating playable scenes for live mixing. (along the lines of the ideas presented here: )

Really, I wouldn’t even need to use Syphon for it per se (though it’d be nice to be able to play fx over it), I just can’t get the Unity window to full screen on the 2nd monitor (aka the projector connected to my Macbook Pro). It won’t let me drag the window over to the 2nd screen. Someone mentioned dragging the icon over there and launching it from there, but that still makes it come up on my primary display.

Although, I do want to figure it out anyway so that I can use it for content inside projection mapped stuff.