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Hello all.

Thank you for this amazing software.

I’m getting strange crash when I build and run in web player.

1)I downloaded “ExempleScene” project.
2)Add “makeSyphonServerWork.cs” on the plugins folders.
3)Edited “SyphonServerBridge” like briangibson’s explain.
4)Edited “SyphonClientBridge” like r.38 (10/01/2011 syphon implementations)
4)go to file/build settings/player settings, and check ‘run in background’
5)go to edit/render settings, and drag a global skybox there to where it says ‘skybox’ from your project window.

I put “SyphonClientBridge” in the Plane and “SyphonServerBridge” in Main Camera.

But when I build and run, it doesn’t work.
Web player run and crash.

I have try lot of configuration but no way…
I don’t know where is my error.

If anyone ca be help me or explain me how can I do for working Syphon Server with Unity, it would be fantastic…

Thank you in advance