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Glitchard Nixon

Vizzie does send out matrix info. if you open up the original patches for vizzie you can see that they are just bpatchers with fairly simple jitter patches inside of them. you should be able to directly connect the Vizzie “video out” to your object.

NOTE: Vizzie is not optimized in jitter. If you want better performance you should be using OpenGL rendering for your videos. Vade has made posts about this before on his page.

Also I am currently in the process of finishing up a full “VJ” style application (“Base”) completely built in Jitter which will be released open (vizzie style). It should be ready for a public beta soon (febuary?). Will include everything that vizzie has to offer and more plus it is fully optimized. think vdmx where you can build your own modules like modul8 + support for Ableton Live.

I’ll post more about that when it’s ready.