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You’re right. I’m not going to customise my engine without getting oil on my hands. I just find that i could spend my time more enjoyably than getting bogged down with maths, it just isn’t my bag even though i can be good at it, especially when i could be taking photos for instance or making music. that doesn’t mean i don’t like things being complex, i’m trying to get this working so i can use modul8 and ableton as a frontend for some more complex bits behind with m4l doing some cool stuff. like you say it’s a shame vizzie wasn’t sorted properly… in terms of getting stuff into a workable form if i have an important gig a the end of March say, then learning a whole new environment might not be the way for me to go, especially if i have some spoken word to work on and musical theory to be doing. not working in the new media scene sounds a bit harsh though seeing as i’m already pretty accomplished. If i had a big enough grant it’d be nice to pay a team of programmers to work on stuff for me but then i guess that’d be missing the point of trying to get a customised interface. I’m sure i just need to kick my own arse a bit!