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Ciao Andreacremaschi:

My name is Alfonso ferri from Barcelona.

I have long been fortunate to have found your wonderful software “Virtual Syphon screen” to communicate with millumin Qlab and able to do mapping.
  a week ago I had the misfortune to be fucked hard disk, so I lost everything.
  I was able to reinstall all programs under the screen Virtual Syphon 0.2 program that has saved me from many problems and I need to do it again. Look and look and not find it on the link above.
  I tried the shyphon Simple Server / Client, forgive my ignorance, but I think it does not work with Qlab ….
Not as you would have to send me the file “SyphonVirtualScreen.pkg”. I am one week the release of my play and I have no other solution for the complexity of the entire assembly.

Thank you very much for everything, I look forward to your response.