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Hey again

I have used the recorder for taping some shows now, it works really well. Thanks again. I have also used it to do preproduction, setting my stuff up in vdmx, recording to animation (or..) in syphon recorder, putting it all back in vdmx, at a different layout, recording again etc.

This have led me to want two features:
Midi/osc assignable record/stop record /snapshot buttons: – when in a show pressing the record button requires me to locate my syphon recorder window, and then pressing the record button, which which resices the window, and i need to find the button to stop it. Not much of a hazzle, but if/when my vdmx b8 crashes during a show i need to restart vdmx, and i need to both stop my recording and start it again when vdmx is up and running. So it would be faster and more efficien to have midi.

Another feature i could like was presets for recording codecs and resolutions. This is especially good to have in preproduction use where i sometimes change the resolution a lot, from square to 4:1 format, animation to aic, from alpha to no alpha etc..

Im really thrilled about the app and the framework. I even used the syphon route into vdmx because of glitches in the built in videoinput in vdmx b8 is strangely glitchy in my setup, which was solved by a small quartz syphon video input composition running in the background.

..its working out here, and its good. thanks!!