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I’d be glad to help you!


I assume if you rewrite the whole broadcast and discovery system it break the compatibility with older versions of Syphon clients?

Yes, but I’m not too worried about that. We would still support the previous method for a transitory period so sharing between non-sandboxed apps wouldn’t be affected.

Does anyone have an experience in negotiating to have an app that is not sandboxed in the App Store? Do you think this miracle could happen?

I have never submitted an app to the App Store, so I’m no expert – but I understand this doesn’t happen at all now.

If you have some time, you could try profiling the performance loss with localhost networking to see what rate of messaging you can achieve, and what the latency is, compared to the current method. There is a project titled Messaging Test Rig in the implementations repo that might help. I can’t remember what state it’s in.

It would help if further discussion of this could happen on the issue ticket so we have it all for reference in one place.