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Ok, im not really sure how to explain this, but.

We wrote Syphon Recorder. Its not adding a thing to the image – really.

Do yourself a favor and see if you see it in any other Syphon enabled app, like Simple Client, or VDMX, etc.

I even double checked and looked at the code and we don’t add anything anywhere. I’m not really sure why you are so confident, but take a moment and think about what you’re saying and why I feel confident in taking the time to give the advice I am giving to you.

Just because what you see in Resolume’s preview does not mean Resolume isnt outputting something additional to Syphon. Syphon isn’t a screen grab. You can shit out whatever you want however you want to Syphon. Notice how the FPS panel isnt in Syphon?

Go talk to Resolume, its likely you have a video capture device or audio input set up from a preset and the device (audio or video) is no longer present.