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Hi folks,

new to the Syphon world, a few basic questions so bear with me 🙂 I’ve gone through quite a few posts but not all and I’m quite happy to…

From the documentation and a few movies (I thought I recalled) “it appeared as simple” as having Syphon Recorder launched, along with VDMX, Resolume, Mac supported VJ app of your choice, which would then appear in Syphon recorder as source, and then you would be able to record.

Ah, perhaps not. At least so far with VDMX and Resolume, there’s nothing in the source pulldown of Syphon recorder. Perhaps not so simple. Is having the client, or the server running more likely what’s needed before this can work?

If I’m not clear, I want to be recording the output of these programs to supported codecs, to quicktime, to disk. If someone can point me to a URL, or suggest what’s necessary, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance,