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“”non-realtime recording at full quality and no dropped frames”is not what Syphon Recorder is about. If that’s your aim, I’d flat-out suggest you try other methods.”

I like everything you guys have done with syphon its amazing!! and thanks for making it open! for me it is interesting how realtime software could be used for nonrealtime purposes I believe there is a lot of creativity and exploration to be done in this realm. the problem is that a lot of realtime software like jitter etc.. don’t have quality renderings making it very difficult to have a Professional looking product at the end of the day. I just want to say that although I understand why syphon recorder is not about non realtime recording… I would like to point out that if it was it could really open up new worlds where you could facilitate the use of realtime software for nonrealtime purposes.

but I understand that some things just require to much time. anyways props for syphon.