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First of all, Syphon Recorder is great, and Syphon is magic.

Then, a request.
I wish to use Syphon Recorder to record input from a simple QC, that grabs video input and send to a Syphon Server.. and this works.
Video input comes from a Firweire Canopus ADVC-55, to wich is connected a suirvellance camera. And this works too.

What i’d like to do, is to record audio plugged into ADVC-55 in the recorded movie; but Syphon Recorder doesn’t allow me to select an audio source, neither record automatically the audio flow.

QTRecorder does the latter: i can’t select the audio source, but as i select ADVC55 as video input, automatically records the audio flow that comes form it also.

Is it possible to add this feature?