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I want to be able to choose my own file name for files recorded. For example, right now I am experimenting a lot and creating a bunch of recordings with the recorder. I’m exploring an immediate record / playback scenario for live performance. Right now I need to keep dragging files out of the folder if I wish to not have them play through the Directory Scanner in Quartz Composer. As a result I end up with a bunch of duplicate file names. If I could set filename in Quartz Composer then I could address the issue.

Also, fyi, I am having a bit of intermittent buggy behavior, recorder screen flashing black or recording black, requiring restart of QC and Syphon Recorder. I’m using a ps3eye with the custom Open Frameworks macam driver on a Macbook Pro running 10.6.7. All in all it is working pretty well. I’d like it to be more solid, of course. Question: I find that about 50% of the time I have to turn off/on the QC viewer after record to get everything to stabilize and play correctly. Could this be a Syphon issue? I was thinking QC issue, but I don’t know. I want continuous playback as files are added, so having to to turn off the viewer is undesirable.

Thanks for everything.

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