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Hi, and thanks for the feedback

“non-realtime recording at full quality and no dropped frames” is not what Syphon Recorder is about. If that’s your aim, I’d flat-out suggest you try other methods.

This is a first beta, so forgive us if performance isn’t quite perfect yet…

In brief:
Jitter is a poor choice for movie playback – make a jitter patch that generates an image with a frame number in it, so you can be certain you’re serving one unique number per frame.

Select “Syphon Recorder Help” from the Help menu: there is some advice on compressors. The short answer is, unless you need transparency, use AIC.

Any other disk activity will impair performance: quit applications you’re not using, turn off Time Machine.

The ProRes codecs seem to perform (very!) well, so yes, we probably will support them. Thanks for the suggestion.

Cheers, and let us know how you get on – Tom