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re:keyboard shortcuts
I am blind. I even checked the menus before posting. Thanks for including this!

by glitches I mean occasional dropped/duplicated frames.
I am testing this on layers of slow-moving waveforms, so it is quite noticeable as the waves appears to stutter occasionally.

I try to match the framerate I want to record to in my sourcepatch, so I am not trying to send out 60fps when I want to record 30fps.
It actually surprises me that the framerate in my sourcepatch is affected very little by the syphon recording, so I am curious if the recording would be even better if more resources was located to the recording process (I have no clue if this even makes sense).

It seems quite often that the framerate of my recorded movies are 1 frame below what I specify, ie when I specify 30 fps, quicktime player tells me its 29 fps, same if I specify 25 fps, quicktime reports it as 24 fps.

For those occasions when I do need to record every frame, I did a small test yesterday using syphon recorder as a NRT recorder. Although that is not its primary purpose, this works pretty well, and unlike jitter you actually get full quality output on recorded frames.