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I’m trying to get SyphonNetCamera working with Spydroid, an OSS Android IP Camera app. When I put the Spydroid URL into SyphonNetCamera, it connects and the stream begins, but SyphonNetCamera does not publish the frames to Syphon. SyphonNetCamera does work for me with other IP Cameras.

Here’s a video showing SyphonNetCamera connecting to Spydroid, failing to publish frames, and then successfully publishing frames from another IP Camera source. Spydroid IP camera SyphonNetCamera problem.

To confirm that the problem is not Spyrdoid-specific, here is proof of Spydroid successfully streaming into VLC using the same URL:

Spydroid streaming to VLC

I have a similar problem with Bakercp’s IPCAM2SYPHON. I wonder if it has to do with the formatting of the Spydroid URL ( or the encoding of its frames (available in h264 or h263), the choice of port, or some other issue.

Thanks for your help!

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