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Hi Tom,

Were looking to the future with this, so AVFoundation is a possible choice although I’m not familiar with it.   My current thought was to try and do it with openframeworks (which I’m also not familiar with but am assuming their movie playback is reasonably mature by now) such that its as cross platform as it can be.

This would allow us to substitute the syphon component for wyphon (if it ever gets off the ground)…. but this would only be if we are forced to use windows again – for things like access to an SDK for camera based automatic alignment system for multi projector curved screens, access to better GPU’s, if Apple discontinues the mac pro etc.

The plan was to also do something similar with the blackmagic API to enable low latency capture and dynamic framerate/res selection.   Kineme are about to release a plugin for this though so we will see how that goes first.

For now I’ll probably look into doing some tests with avfoundation and openframeworks to test performance.   Once I’ve got some code and data I will get back to you to see if there a better way of doing things if that’s ok? although feel free to add in any suggestions now.

Cheers – James