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sbook – Progress? I hope you are making strides actually. In any case, I would love to work together with you on this…

Unfortunately, not much considering that I seem to be trapped in a similar place as you concerning JNI<->Cocoa. As I’ve been coming at it more from the ported API perspective that vade mentioned, dealing with objects has been some fun. With the next chunk of time I get over the weekend I was planning on rethinking the thing a bit so that the Java code becomes more about holding pointers to Syphon objects.. Its quite a bit different than my current JNI know-how involving LWJGL.

Concerning linking the native libraries, I notice that you used System.loadLibrary().. For what its worth, I’ve had a better success rate using System.load and giving it a path (not sure if that’s one of your linking issues, but I thought it worth mentioning).

I want to do some playing with your implementation as well over the weekend though, as you’re significantly further on the native side than I’ve gotten..