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bangnoise – Thanks for the tip! I still get them errors, so I may be doing something wrong still… all alloc’s need to be also specified as ‘autorelease’ no?

vade – Here is the link to code repo I was using for the processing library. Essentially, I never got past hacking the sdk’s client example to work with jni because of the above mentioned errors… I am having trouble reproducing the garbage data mentioned before, as the client code doesn’t seem to be recieving frames. Not sure which iteration of the code was receiving frames at this point… (I have some beers if I get annoyed at code…)
This is folder for the xcode project…
…and the jni link

sbook – Progress? I hope you are making strides actually. In any case, I would love to work together with you on this…

My approach was to use Xcode to build the jni bridge, and eclipse to build the processing library… I could not really get eclipse to compile/link jni/syphon/processing libs, all at the same time… ergo I chose the multi-ide compilation build chain.

I ultimately just want a packaged processing library, though, I suppose, I can make do using oF or cinder for this next month’s fun. I am too busy and lazy to spend months making jni talk cocoa… maybe we can figure this out soonish?