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Are you sure you are able to properly load with System.loadLibrary(“JSyphon”) the libJSyphon.dylib ? What are the Java class paths you have – do they match the path you quote above?

The LWJGL test app has a print statement to help debug the library load issues, and I believe Eclipse manually adds the library paths when you edit the Project GUI (The other JSyphon dev, Skye Book helped me on that point, so I am admittedly a bit out of my element here).

Perhaps Eclipse is doing something overly intelligent, or coincidental, because of how it has paths set up? Perhaps @loader_path matches ones of the Java library paths (so that both @loader_path and Eclipse look in the same path – and perhaps Processing for some reason, has @loader_path pointing somewhere else – although, @loader_path realllyyy ought to be relative to the libJSyphon.dylib).

Isnt this fun?

Are you certain the libJSyphon.dylib is being loaded? Try editing the JSyphonServer class and attempt to log in the constructor, and see if it that works?

Im also new to JNI development, so bare with me 🙂