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Hi, I’m working on the JSyphon-based library for Processing.

I just managed to get everything compiled, but having some trouble to load the native libraries.

Actually, I’m not that experienced with OSX development, so please bear with me for a while 🙂

As far as I understand from a first examination of the code, libJSyphon.dylib calls the underlying Syphon functions through JNI. Looking at how the dependencies are embedded into this dylib, the low-level Syphon library is just called Syphon and should be located in @loader_path/Syphon.framework/Versions/A/Syphon

This means that if libJSyphon.dylib is placed in /Users/andres/sketchbook/libraries/Syphon/library, then the Syphon library should be in /Users/andres/sketchbook/libraries/Syphon/library/Syphon.framework/Versions/A.

I tried this, but when the Processing library tries to call the initWithName() method, I get:

Exception in thread “Animation Thread” java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: codeanticode.syphon.JSyphonServer.initWithName(Ljava/lang/String;)V
at codeanticode.syphon.JSyphonServer.initWithName(Native Method)

Any comments?