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Well, I was just doing that but to my chagrin, when I run GL profiler on running the qtz in question (at least on one of my 10.6 partitions, usual “go-to” install, but not entirely “clean”), and Syphon is on the Editor, QC crashes. So, that’s obviously awesome help in pegging this down.

On that note, I’m going to do a little more due diligence and make sure I’m up to date, and give it a run on another 10.6 partition and 10.7 as well. My main question was “has this come up/is it expected with OpenGL Scene grab?”… guess it isn’t, which is good!

…and yeah, my app runtime (not QuartzBuilder-only use that for quick convenience builds or a/b-ing) manages to make the result much less noticeable than in QC editor.

I’m going to go ahead and send along the patch, because even though there’s a decent amount of patches, a bunch of it is stuff for contouring some control from external sources, and it’s pretty well metadata tagged, and one macro level… maybe I’ll just chop some of that stuff out first.