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@ bangnoise – I’m able to reproduce it in QC, where it’s actually much worse (around 40% CPU jumps to 170% with Syphon). I hadn’t profiled in QC, because it’s usually pretty worthless to do in-Editor profiling. That said, it’s a largish composition, so I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is that triggers this. I know that removing Syphon from the equation removes the problem, but I’m not running into the same thing with some simple tests. The premise of the composition is largely multiple composition loaders, loading other qtz’s that are mainly glsl shaders with stuff happening in the frag shader. I’ll see if I can contrive a simpler composition or home in on what it is that triggers this in combo with Syphon.

@ Vade- no, I’m just running on a single GPU, and that’s a good point about GL Profiler. I hadn’t run it on this particular project since adding Syphon.