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Thanks for the feedback.

To be clear, I didn’t say profiling is for morons; that’s crazy talk.

I made some comment about profiling in editor. When I’ve profiled in Editor and filed bugs in the past, the response was to not profile in editor, because of a number of issues. Profiling in the simplest possible app (commandline preferably) was described as the valid way to peg down bugs. That makes sense to me. I meant something more like “if one has been informed of that, and continues to do otherwise, they are a moron”. If one is not aware of that, like I was not at one time, they are a newb in that area. If that’s an unfair or inflammatory statement, apologies, but I was in a little irritated state after having been told I was an idiot on public forum after sharing files privately.

I really respect your work and am a fan; I enjoy your sense of aesthetics, and am saddened by your public reaction after sharing some files privately.

Yeah, sending you a profile would take a trivial amount of time, but I guess I’m not jumping at the chance at this point.

I also never claimed the issue was common. I came on forum asking if it’s ever come up before or was expected.

Have a good one.