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There is a lot to respond to here.

The earlier screen grab bug was helped fixed by Tamas Nagy, who reported a similar bug, but with a simplified use case and I fixed it.

> *sometimes bugs result from non-simplistic combinations*.

I totally agree. I’ve said this line to other companies before, to C74, etc. However, there is some truth that simplifying your use cases to isolate a bug, many times, exposes a) the bug in simplified form, and b) issues in your own patch you did not know about. I am not claiming these as universal truths, but in my experience its held true almost all of the time.

Its not just the multiplexers George, Its the fact that there are a ton of modules included to be looked at, and possibly trigger the bug. I could not reproduce it, therefore simply turning on Syphon *does not* give me any information (other that it works as intended here – and doesn’t there),- I documented and recorded in two screen grabs. Your profiling is simply reporting symptoms, not much usable data. CPU increasing by x is not much of a “profile”.

Again, a simple sampling with a profiling app like shark, or instruments, & more information about what module is loaded, GPU specs (perhaps I cannot reproduce due to my system?) would have been helpful. In the time it took you to write that reply, we could have information to go on. Its literally about 2 seconds of work. Seriously. Run QC. Turn on Syphon (which seems to be all it takes to trigger it). Click record in instruments. let it run for 2 seconds. Click Stop. Send us the info.

I’m over it. Glad you found a suitable work around. If this CPU issue is as common as you claim, I’m sure we will see other reports.

Charity, Pride. Ill let those go.

Look, ill be totally honest. And i’ll air this publicly, I think its fine, At the end of the day, you just rub me the wrong way. Thats on me. Most of this reaction to you is due to the compounded readings of your interactions online and our other communications over the years. Its hard for me to point to anything specific, and its probably irrational, multiplied exponentially due to our vastly different personalities and approaches – but at the end of the day, for whatever reason, I respond to you differently than others. There it is.

Maybe you can take some satisfaction from that. You’re clearly smart and talented. But my god do you get under my skin. Take that as a compliment. I can admit thats (mostly) on me – at least my reactions to you.

I’ll publicly apologize for shitting all over your QC comp style, but when you tell me profiling is for morons, I don’t know if I can forgive that : That tells me you are more interested in pointing out the issue than solving it.

Good luck.