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Here’s my outlook on it at this point.

I came on here and mentioned something I was seeing with performance. I asked “is that something that has popped up before, and/or could it possibly have to do with OpenGL Scene grab.”

Keep in mind, I’ve mentioned bugs about the OpenGL screengrab screwing something with texturing and mesh creator up, with whatever you had going on in previous versions, that my merely mentioning wound up with a solution. If I *did* send a sample, I don’t think I simplified it… I just sent it along in an advanced form, because *sometimes bugs result from non-simplistic combinations*.

With that in mind, I felt like the appropriate *starting point* was to go ahead and send along the project, as well as separating out some of the critical qtz resources. So it uses half a dozen plugins or so, and it didn’t have some non-essential stuff carved out.

If that was too much to handle, I’d tend to expect an email like “please trim some stuff, this is hard to sort through”, not the reaction that happened. I can be pretty snappy sometimes, so I kinda get it, but nowhere has being a know it all ass with knee jerk reactions been ordained cool or a positive characteristic.

Believe it or not, this is a pretty regular starting point for me with a number of these kind of bug scenarios, and I’ve dealt with plenty of people that actually do *not* have problems with files being reduced… because they aren’t overwhelmed easily, and take pride in their work actually working in complex scenarios as well as trivial ones. I’ve worked with other people at private companies that work on QC based tech, or people within Apple on such issues, to resolve bugs. Very often, from the most complex project, with no reduction *at all*, the bug can be sussed out.

At no point does private file exchange result in knee jerk whiney reactions, where privately exchanged files are arbitrarily panned with pretty insulting verbiage, *in public”, when I’m dealing with Apple or other companies or co-workers that I hold in high esteem, or simply know what professionalism is.

Maybe I have an unrealistic expectation of professional decorum. One, you may be entirely wrong in your assessment because you’re only looking at the scenario through your experience and the myopia of your view. Secondly, even if you were actually right, it’s highly untactful and unprofessional.

I’d advise other people who inquire about function and submit any kind of files or source to consider the reaction here. If someone has their panties in a wad, or the composition boggles their mind or simply doesn’t jive with their sense of style, you’re probably letting yourself in for a joyful public airing of that *opinion* instead of more discreet and professional private contact, in the same way that the file was sent (privately). That’s obviously pointed at this particular scenario, but there’s some universal truth in that.

After that kind of treatment, it’s not like give a flying fuck if your plugin works or it doesn’t. In some scenarios, it being turned on flips out CPU consumption. FACT. I’m not really interested in helping one damn iota after the really cheap slamming on your part.

Further, you have to be FUCKING KIDDING ME.

We’re talking about four comp loaders, and a shit ton of some multiplexing, admittedly, but that’s the only thing that someone could go “woah” about, and my experience and testing let me to that. It’s not some design or route I pulled out of my ass on whim. It’s the result of a *actually taking the time* to create a variety of approaches, and one without one lick of the multiplexing stuff you probably took a shit when you saw. I had one iteration of that was much different, and without one lick of multiplexing, and strung some renderers together. It was *not as fast*, using multiple alternative routes. That the Editor in Lion takes a shit when you try to look at it… is sad, but that take was expressed after you deciding it would be really cool to foam at the mouth some, as was the request for other profiling. That anyone would go “ohhhh, it’s a lot of multiplexing, how can you expect Syphon would work!”. REALLLLLLY?

REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY? Sure, that makes a ton of sense.

So, it could take about 5~10 minutes to send you some files, but DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK at this point. I spent a bit today setting up something similar using standard API’s and it worked fine. That seemed like a more productive move for me. Again, if I have the time and the mood strikes me to do some charity work, I’ll give it a look again and push something to git or wherever the hell you host it. Seems more constructive than getting raked over coals for no reason other than some weird sour grapey vibe.