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Yeah, it’s absurd.

I’m trying to debug errant behavior in *an application* that also occurs in *the QC editor application* when running a “qtz file” that my app uses as a resource.

QC has additional stuff going on with the Editor and problems leaking with various *stock patches* that don’t leak outside of the QC editor environment, that profiling in QC is pretty much a waste of time when the baseline is going to show a bunch of leaking and foul shit when profiling a frigging two patch composition. What would the best valid test, would be to suggest to run the qtz via the simplest possible program that can run it, not to run it in a program with known bugs and leaks (eg., QC Editor). Yeah, only a naive newb, or “total fucking moron”(as you put it) would be profiling a qtz in Quartz Composer editor.

I explained that pretty clearly, and am at a loss as to your motive or lack of understanding in convoluting that. It doesn’t mean I have ambivalence about profiling, or think profiling is moronic.

If I was to submit a file to Apple, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t pop on the Apple forum and rip me a new asshole b/c of a matter of opinion , or even fact.

As far as your inflammatory comments go, it’s good to know you have the ear of the QC Gods the have bestowed upon you the supreme knowledge of what they did or didn’t intend.