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I’m sorry, this is fucking absurd. If you are attempting to debug errant behavior in an application (namely, 100+% CPU increase that you can trigger by enabling a plugin), and then claim to say that profiling said application is useless, that tells me you have *absolutely no interest in actually solving the problem*.

Think about that for a moment. Really, really think about why running shark, or instruments while Syphon is on, using this extra CPU usage for whatever reason, would be something only a naive newb, or an idiot do. Meanwhile, you can speculate up the ass as to what is causing the issue. Clearly the fucking stack trace, methods, or any additional information is only something a total fucking moron would want. How on earth would that help solve the problem at hand?

Then get back to me with the Time Profiler usage sorted by stack trace in instruments, so we can figure out what the fuck is going on.

As for your other comments, if you were to submit a bug report to Apple, or to Cycling 74, do you really think they would be ok with the provided information? C’mon.

Additionally, I stand by my inflammatory comments.