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@ Brian, yeah, the don’t be dumb suggestion is always a good one 🙂

@ Vade, you phrase your opinions in a pretty damn inflammatory way, and you’re still doing so: “is just not a sane way to work, regardless of the percent or two difference the non encapsulated macros get you.”

1) My mind isn’t boggled by the comp; I find it to be simple and I also don’t have any problems editing it on my system.

I provided the full comp before cutting stuff out, mainly because I didn’t for a second think it was going to get this kind of awesomely professional public reaction.

I did provide ample with how to recreate the issue – with Syphon Server toggled on, CPU jumps 100+%. That’s how to recreate it – turn on Syphon.

In the email along w/ the file, I explained the bit about loading some external qtz’s from a folder. I included the main qtz in question, the folder of modules, as well as the actual Xcode project.

2) I gave you quantitative data about the average percentages of difference. If we’re on some kind of non-trust system where I absolutely have to take screencaps….OK.

3) Please. That is so patronizing. I explained to you that with Syphon ON, GL Profiler crashes on my system. Maybe I should have gone the extra step of detail to inform you that GL Profiler works without it ON and when profiling other stuff, but I thought that was implicit in the statement that I’d done profiling earlier, before introducing Syphon.

Profiling in the QC Editor *is* useless, in general, because it has various leaks and bugs. Anyone who makes a point of regularly profiling in the QC Editor is either a naive newb, or an idiot.

Vade: “After spending a few moments looking at that comp, I am going to go out on a limb just frankly say, that is totally not how QC is intended to be used. My brain hurts that anyone would even make a comp like that, and then complain about odd behavior.”

I love this part in particular. It’s just a frigging plist dude.

I didn’t report this to be a shit magnet, I reported it to give a head’s up about a potential issue. Whatever floats your boat.