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Uhm. What? Your project required at least 5 or 6 Kineme plugins. Those are external dependencies. What mystical way? I was referring to workflow and ease of debugging, and the fact that, in my mind, a debugging a comp like that (let alone making one like that) is just not a sane way to work, regardless of the percent or two difference the non encapsulated macros get you.

My reaction to the composition was simply that it is highly complex, and that debugging large “non functionally” encapsulated patchers (in any environment) is very difficult. Simply following along with the program flow and ensuring there are not programmatic/logical issues (which lead to assumptions about state, and thus about the bugs, which may be wrong) or legitimate errors due to those bugs. Additionally, with the comp provided, there were no instructions to re-create the issue at all.

We asked you supply common information asked of anyone, ever, who debugs things:

1) Provide, if possible, a simplified reproduction case.
You provided us with a complex case and no instructions on how to re-create the issue.

2) We asked for quantitative data.
You provided us with a statement that Syphon uses more CPU when active in your comp, in both the editor and your app.

3) We tried to guide your profiling, and suggest a few methods.
You claimed editor profiling was useless, and then can’t get GL Profiler to work (granted, it can be finicky, but myself and many others have not had issues with it and Syphon).

Look, we want to find bugs. No one is saying there aren’t incompatibilities, there have been in the past and we’ve fixed them. We’ve never run into this (at least not in the configuration you claim to be using).

Just let us know.