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I’ll be rushing to do that considering the super professional genius guy public response and calm non-knee jerk reaction that my privately emailed dl-link was met with.

…and of course I must have made the composition in some mystical way that can’t run in the Editor. Sure, that makes sense.

..and of course it’s realistic for a project to have no external dependencies and legitimate bugs don’t count if they are brought on by code not working correctly with them. So you can rule out any bugs caused by a swarth of patches that… load files from external locales or should play nice together. Yep.

Thanks for the offer, but it’s sounding more likely that I’ll be able to pin down the bug. If it’s a Syphon bug, I’ll submit it to github, if it’s caused by a patch combo with a stock or third party patch, or hardware configuration, I’ll post back here.