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Thanks for giving that a run, and the feedback. It’s good CPU consumption is modest either way on your machine.

After the really fun slamming, I kinda want to go on a jag about how little time it takes for a plist like this to load, the fact that keeping stuff “un-macro’d” makes for faster performance ultimately as opposed to “nesting” stuff in macros, that most of the noodle-adge here that’s involved is with multiplexing that’s extremely lightweight on cpu, that this is faster in performance than loading separate qtz pieces and stringing them together to achieve similar function, that the finished product renders visualizers in HD at a faster FPS (usually around 60fps for majority of my comps) than popular products I’ve used, and that today someone was checking it out and it had less latency than the sound system…. oh, I just did. 🙂

…but hey, I just do this for fun.