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That would be amazing.

If arbitrary LD_PRELOAD overwriting or ‘insertion’ could happen, and be turned on optionally, that would be an awesomely powerful solution. Currently Syphon has a working client for Unity, and since frames will stay on the GPU, it would be *very very fast*

I will admit, Im not familiar with that technique at all. Let us do some research, but LD_PRELOAD should work on OS X since, OS X has a posix / linker , so theoretically shimming into some app could.. maybe.. work?

This was a thought I had too when starting out, did not find any info on it. Thanks for the heads up.

To answer your questions specifically though.

1a) right now, no. The app has to ‘opt-in’ to Syphon either via a plugin or adopting Syphon.framework natively.
2) I would say yes, as Syphon is optimized to stay on the GPU (no slow readback to the CPU), and can support very high resolution and framerate because of this.