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Thanks Vade. I’m being a bit lazy asking this rather than diving into the docs but, there seems to be 3 software apps you’ve mentioned:
i Recording App (in beta)
ii Screen Capture App (requires building in Xcode but different App to (i) )
iii Syphon Server (does the actual writing of a file to HD in realtime from a Syphon feed via Screen Capture or OS X Application with a Syphon plugin)

Is that correct?

If so could one reasonably expect to run the Screen Capture App and the Syphon Server App on the same desktop or would you need to be still passing a digital signal from one Mac to another (all be it without any fancy Video Encoding card to cope with realtime encryption at HighDef)

Sorry to labour the point but I’m not quite down with how this whole framework interacts.


ps. If a Keynote plugin was a possibility you could well have a discrete potential user base because Keynotes native export has a bad reputation and is a frequent source of frustration for users judging by the Keynote forums I’ve followed in the past. New version of KN shipping soon of course, so see what they come up with. Smokris once said on Kineme that Keynote has an undocumented API (skanky I guess) if that helps 😉