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Syphon Capture is still a work in progress. Its pretty tight, but has some optimizations and bugs that need fixing before release. Thats one app we want to get out (its super fast), but that we also want to get right the first time. It will be able to capture at the quality of the input texture. You can use the new (in svn only) screen cap application to get windowed output, or get the texture from within the app and capture possibly with alpha. Right now, its fastest when it captures to a codec like PJPEG/MJPEG, AIC, Uncompressed 4:2:2 etc – anything that handles 2vuy pixel format, because we can convert to 2vuy *on the gpu* so the CPU only deals with writing to disk. Thats what makes it so fast. Part pf the bugs are some tuning that needs to happen with larger frame sizes causing hiccups due to incorrect buffering and ‘stalling’. Isn’t this fun?

Here it is showcasing capturing from another app (Simple Server) with Alpha:

And showing the possibilities with Screencap: