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Great – thanks so much for giving this more time.

1. Zero-values: Are you giving up after your first try? Keep trying – a new SyphonClient doesn’t receive frames instantly.

2. A leak. newFrameImageForContext: returns a retained SyphonImage, you need to release it

3. In fact you do need to retain the image such that it lasts as long as anyone might be using the values in the dictionary, because if it isn’t retained the SyphonClient is free to destroy the underlying texture. If you were just passing the dictionary as a NSDictionary I’d say stuff the SyphonImage in the dictionary as well, but I don’t know what the coercion process does. Are arbitrary NSObject subclasses retained after coercion, or only classes JNF knows how to coerce? … It might actually be simpler to write a Java wrapper class for SyphonImage.

4. This conversation may have been had before, but are you sure you want to be wrapping SyphonNameboundClient and not simply SyphonClient? Sorry if I’m repeating myself!

Anyway thanks so much for all this – I look forward to taking a proper look soon.