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yeah, I was using an outdated version of the framework in the Processing library, thanks for the hint.

I just uploaded the 0.4 package to the downloads section.

Remaining issues to solve for future releases:

1) reorganize the project structure, to make sure that both JSyphon and the Processing library always use the latest version of the framework

2) use SyphonClient instead of SyphonNameboundClient. So the way this should work is by first getting the list of available servers and then letting the user choose one to create the client. Something like:

Dictionary[] servers = Syphon.listServers()
client = new SyphonClient(this, servers[0]);

I was looking at the implementation of Simple Client, and the server selection appears to be done in the setSelectedServerDescriptions method. But things are not entirely clear to me. Where is setSelectedServerDescriptions called from? And how is the descriptions array computed?

3) The Processing client has two ways of getting a frame: one using the getGraphics(), which basically draws the frame texture to an FBO, and the second with the getImage() method, which copies the texture to the image pixels array using glGetTexImage. The first works fine, and it is the fastest because there are no CPU-GPU copies involved, however the second doesn’t. The glGetTexImage call just returns a buffer filled with zeros. Any ideas?

4) When I close a sketch with a running server, I get this error:

2012-02-21 17:49:19.952 java[3808:7703] *** __NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x1020a5fb0 of class NSCFDictionary autoreleased with no pool in place – just leaking

I don’t create any dictionaries in the native code of the server class, so what could it be the reason for this error?