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Good notes, I agree about that 3.2 detection via the CGLContext. Way better way of doing it.

A second context is something I have in my app so that resource loading can take place on other threads. The only issue is that I have found FBO’s need to be created/updated on the main context. There could be a creation parameter I am missing though so I’m not certain.

Agreed on the state caching. I *think* I nailed all the states in my implementation, and made sure to not corrupt any VAO state by having the existing VAO bound during any function calls which modify VAO state. It’s really hard to know for certain, though.

I don’t really have a timeframe for my app. I’d like to get a version 1 out early next year. My company does game development and contracting primarily, this is just something I’ve been thinking about for several years and the other guys at the company think is cool and maybe get a revenue stream out of it.

I’m planning on grabbing those programs and doing just that once I make a few more changes and adjustments to what I’ve got so far. I’ll likely do that in the upcoming weekend.

Hopefully this bears fruit. Like I said in the first post, I can publish from OpenGL 3.2 using the unmodified libs using the pasted code, so I’m not too worried. Both of you have done great work on Syphon, and I was pretty damn excited that I could make my app more targeted and focus on what it’s good at, instead of trying to create a whole suite that can compete with the existing players in the market.