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yes, I am aware of the issues with the current Syphon for Jitter Public Beta 2 and Max 6. I have fixed a few outstanding issues on the SVN repository, but need to fix a few other bugs to properly work with implicit contexts, etc.

Stay tuned, and sorry its not up and running immediately. We are, sadly, the only ones doing heavy lifting on the plugins for almost non *every commercial implementation* out there (QC, Jitter, PD/Gem, Processing, OpenFrameworks, FFGL, etc) plus the framework itself. Plus our day jobs (and the v002 QC plugins).

Ask Cycling74 to inherit the Syphon object. Seriously. I made the offer to give them the code, but they were deep in Max 6 development at the time. Clearly they are better suited to support it than we are. We need help with supporting all the implementations, and almost no one is stepping up.

It also does not help that the Jitter SDK is nightmarish.