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Hi bangnoise …

1/ Yes, sorry i missed that on my explanation . Here is what i did :

– after getting the sources from SVN
– compile ofxSyphon from SyphonImplementations/Openframeworks
– from this step i got the addon ofxSyphon build and the SyphonExample build
– i used this folders just created as sources from now on …
– copy ofxShypon to /addons folder and SyphonExample to /apps/addonsExamples folder

From here :

The SyphonExample from you guys works perfect, compiles and links and runs smoothly.
Except for 1 thing i must change : I got an error on compilation saying :
codeerror: There is no SDK with the name or path ‘macosx’code
So i changed on Project Setting the SDK to : MacOSX 10.6 and it all works ok.

so now …

I checked that under my Targets, in the “Link Binary With Libraries” there is a Syphon.framework.

I’ve compared this list with the one on your SyphonExample, and the only difference is that i’m using osc, so osc.a is also linked and that you’re linking also against CoreVideo.framework … is that determinant ? could be the problem ?

Also I detected that under the “Copy Files” tag on my Target description, i had not present the Syphon.framework. It is present on your SyphonExample so i add it also there.

Still with this i can’t make it to work and still have the same 9 linking errors.
Here is a screenshot of my Xcode project and SyphonExample project targets compared :

I’ve never need to do what you’re suggesting on step 2/ so i’m not sure if i’m doing it properly, but now i see both targets with the same stuf …

Any more ideas / help feedback ?

Thanks for your attention,