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Hi all,

I’m still having a big issue with the RuttEtra plugin… (maybe off topic but I expect it’s the same issue for all the plugins?)

I can see it in Composer, and I can use it and run it / observe it in the Viewer in composer, but when I try to open the file- either QuickView (space bar when file is selected in Finder), or dropping it into VDMX as a patch, nothing comes up…

I’ve run a lot of tests and I really get the impression that its’ the RuttEtra plugin being seen by QComposer but not being found or searched for by OSX proper or VDMX when it’s running the patch…

I’m assuming that I should be able to create a patch with an image and the R/Etra patch.. save that as a patch and drop it into VDMX as a stand-alone patch rendering the contained image with R/Etra effect… Shouldn’t that be possible?

Could it be that it hasn’t been written properly to a .plist or somewhere?

Lastly I read that someone ‘installed’ the new R/Etra 3.0, but all I can find is the plugin, not an ‘install’ .dmg
I dropped it into the same Quartz Composer / Plug-ins folder mentioned above, and it shows up in QComposer, so I can use either R/E 2.0 or R/E 3.0 beta in my QComposer patches BUT I can only see the image that is running through R/E when I’m in QC- looking at it in Finder or VDMX doesn’t seem to render it (or whatever I should be calling that part of the process).

I’ve also created patches with other images and .qtz patches included, and everything renders fine in Finder and VDMX except for anything that is running through R/Etra… even though is shows up in QC

…yeah I write really redundantly.
…yeah, I write really redundantly.

Hope to find some help 🙂 Thanks and amazing plugin !