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You cannot, ever, nor will you ever, be able to use 3rd party plugins in FCP by dropping QC Compositions into the timeline.

This is the same reason Quick Look does not work. If you had googled your problem you would have found out that Quicktime, Quicklook, Safari, Finder, Final Cut Pro and many other applications like Modul8 use Quicktime for playback of QC comps. Quicktime playback of QC comps uses “safe mode” and does not allow 3rd party plugins to load.

You can sort of hack around it.

If you want proper, 100% support of QC in FCP, look into purchasing FX Factory Pro from Noise Industries (disclaimer, I work for them). It lets you load QC compositions you make as native plugins in Final Cut Pro.

Please, next time

– Don’t hijack a thread for a different problem
– Make new thread so its clear what you are doing. I thought you were trying to use these in VDMX, as the thread topic states
– Clearly state what you are trying to do. Saying it does not work tells me nothing, and makes me think of the context of the thread you are posting/hijacking.

Im not trying to be a dick, but you really need to be more clear, more specific, and give as much information as possible. How was anyone supposed to know you were using these in FCP?

You mention the QC Comps work in the QC Editor. What is not working in VDMX? Have you properly installed the qxFX? Have you enabled the effect on a layer with media? No one else, ever, has had it not work in VDMX and not have it be an installation problem.

Did you actually attempt to follow the instructions I posted above? Or google search any terms you did not understand?