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Well here’s the thing –

I’ve tried a few routes, all of which, on my nVidia 9400/9600 combo are non-trivially faster.

First off, I am always using a gaussian blur, for the smoothing of vertices effect, ala the way that you’ve traditionally done with Rutt. Interestingly, if I sub in v002 blurs, I get a trivial hit in performance (2~4fps), as opposed to using CI Blur with image dimensions/crop.

If I use a GL Polygon mode for my “wireframe”/”point” stuff, I’m seeing a hit of maybe 2fps. Totally negligible.

However, that doesn’t give all of the nifty scan line type options.

So, in adding in Lattice type of GLSL effects to the extrusion shader so that I can get horizontal or vertical scanlines, as well as “square” wireframe look (and other looks that aren’t available with rutt), I am still getting faster fps.

If I put the shader around the David Langford’s weighted grid generator instead of the normal GLSL grid (again, for scanline type effects)… again, way faster.

Bumping up resolution on the GLSL Grid/Shader combo to 256 produces almost no hit. On the Rutt, there is more disparity with resolution and fps.

My tests resulted in something like 12~15fps on HD material with Rutt, vs. an easy 30fps+ with GLSL.

No, I haven’t posted it anywhere, I’m working on it for a project.