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You should read the docs on the framework. An application can send multiple frame sources via multiple servers. The app name stays the same. The server name is the human readable name of the individual instance within the app.

So for clarity:

If I have an Application named “SyphonExample”, it can have multiple Syphon Servers (like the OF example). I have to name each one some human readable name to let me identify them (some meaningful identifier/description – these descriptions do not need to be unique but, its helpful. Its not an error to have multiple servers have the same name, but it is confusing and thus frowned upon).

So the “application name” for the above multi – server scenario is consistently “SyphonExmaple”, but the Server name could be “Screen Output” or “Texture Output”. (Again, like the OF example app in SVN).

The Simple Server app only sends one image, named “”, since it will only ever have one individual image being sent, so its an empty string. Make sense?

If you make an OF based mServer, you can name it whatever you want. Thats the “server name” that a client potentially needs. The App name is the name of the actual honest to goodness Application that hosts the server.

OF to OF will and does work, however make sure to change the App Name to the name of your server host.

For the SVN client, it should be:

mainOutputSyphonServer.setName("Screen Output");
	individualTextureSyphonServer.setName("Texture Output");


	mClient.setServerName("Screen Output");

Which will give you a sort of feedback effect (because the server is serving its own output, and the client is drawing into its main output, and the server and client are in the same app). Should look like so: