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Not sure what you are seeing. Is Unity or OF applying nearest neighbor filtering when drawing the image? Can you send / post a screenshot?

Few options.

One, fiddle with texture filtering in OF or whatever is drawing and make sure it uses bilinear filtering when drawing.

Two, apply a morphological based AA filter like FXAA (we have an implementation for QC on the v002 QC plugins page you can look at) in OF.

Three, in SVN on Google Code for Syphon Framework, on trunk branch, we have an newer version of Syphon Framework which implements options that allow your to specify depth, stencil and MSAA options for rendering into a Syphon Server. That may not be much help due to Unitys render engine, and how the plugin sends frames (normally sending an already rendered texture that was from a camera, so you have no opportunity subvert Unitys renderer). Maybe you could finagle something there but Unity is super finicky about OpenGL State and inserting things into their rendering path.

And finally, my suggestion is to use Unity’s post processing shaders, and send the output of their FXAA implementation, and use that as the source texture for Unity.

That or option 1 sound good. But, without more info, im not sure what the issue is.

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