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hey vade.

thanks i will give that a try.

i am writing software that triggers new recordings all the time. i then load those recordings back in to my software.

i used to use a build in openframeworks recording tool but i does not support the HAP encoding. But syphon recorder does.

right now i am trying to er-implement certain features but most are weird workarounds like:
-knowing when the recorder is done writing the file, by monitoring the changing from .vootrecording to .mov
-knowing how many frames have been recorded, by counting the mills seconds since recording was triggered
-setting resolution and file path, by hopefully altering the ‘defaults’
-freely choose the complete file name without any fixed prefixes or time stamps

i know this is not the main focus of the syphon recorder, but i thought i share my thoughts.

and please know i think syphon recorder is a great app !