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Thank you for responding. Ok I think in step 1 the Simple Client and Simple Server work because they both have the spinning circle stars. When I open the syphon recorder with the Client and Server the Syphon recorder spins with the circle thing as well. Does that mean its working?

Step 2- So I read the readme files that come with Vizzable and you done have to install the plugins you just drag them from the file directory into the tracks.

Step 3- the reason i think that up to the Syphout is working is because my video is visible in the viewer window and in all the little preview windows on each device but when I look for other inputs in the Syphon recorder (with the test Simple Client and Simple Server running) from the dropdown menu, there is no other options. To Document my steps: without the test simple client and server. I just put a Vizzable clip viewer in an audio track and drop my video into a clip, then I drop a Vizzable viewer into a midi track and chose imput from clip viewer,then I put the Syphout plugin on the right of the Vizz plugin and it all seems fine so i open the Syphon recorder and its not functioning at all.

I read Mike Ash’ Getting answers. I picked up that coders use nsfilemanager to show in more detail whats going on but i couldn’t figure out how to see the code or copy and post it to a site. My head is still spinning ( : really appreciate the help Vade.