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I removed that line and still nothing changed. The server can be detected by the ‘Simple Client’ demo, so I know that part is working. I’m wondering if I’m sending the context incorrectly or something. I’m passing it to each class with:

- (id)initWithContext:(CGLContextObj)context {
    cgl_ctx = CGLRetainContext(context);
    return self;

Can I just set it as a normal variable?

I’m wondering if any of my actual rendering code is wrong, but it seems to match up with all of the recommended code for doing this sort of thing.

Turns out, I was passing the context in the wrong order and I passed a null context to my renderer. *facedesk* *facedesk* *facedesk*.

It’s now showing, but it’s upside down and only in red, but it’s a start.

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